Promoting Adult Independence and Decision-Making

Workshop Series 2022-2023

We recieve more calls throughout the year on transition to adulthood, Social Security Administration, Employment and SSI benefits, guardianship and alternatives and the list goes on….

We are offering a year-long series on these and many other topics. 

The third workshop came at the request of those who attended the first and second session. We will explore the Promoting Adult Indendence and Decision-Making. How can parents assist their young adult with gaining these skills

Beth Mills worked for Guilford and Randolph County Schools as an Adaptive Teacher,  Autism Specialist/Program Administrator and now is an adjunct professor at High Point University. 

This event is $10 per famliy. It is FREE for Subscribers.


Nov 08 2022


7:00 pm - 8:00 pm
Achieve with us.