Advocacy Services

The Arc of High Point advocates against indifference. We educate the community about receiving, embracing, and engaging people with cognitive and intellectual impairments in all facets of community life through case advocacy and support, resource, skills development, and educational workshops or forums.

The Arc of High Point has been advocating with and for people with developmental disabilities for over sixty years. Advocacy can take many forms. It can be as simple as one parent helping another find a dentist or as complex as influencing legislation through a large grass-roots letter writing campaign.

Advocacy is what The Arc does best. The Arc provides advocacy to people with disabilities and their families. The advocacy varies but usually includes assistance in:
  • Accessing Services
  • Reporting Abuse
  • Special Education Rights
  • Community Resources
  • Benefits Information
  • Parent Supports
  • Financial Information and Guardianship
  • Supported Decision Making and Guardianship Restoration
  • Upward to Financial Stability

Volunteers and staff from The Arc work to inform the community about disabilities and often sit on numerous committees, working groups, planning boards and advisory councils. By sitting on the various committees and boards, The Arc perspective is brought to the table so that people with developmental disabilities will be represented when and where decisions are being made. 

The Arc strongly advocates for policies, state and federal legislation that is consistent with the Core Values of The Arc.

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