Social Security Benefits Counseling

Supplemental Security Income (SSI), Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI), Medicaid, or other assistance program recipients with disabilities should consult a disability benefits counselor first – before accepting a job – to protect their individual benefits.

The Work Incentives Practitioner (WIP) program helps people with disabilities interested in working understand the impact their wages will have on their Social Security and other government benefits. Benefits counselors help job seekers understand the potential benefits of employment for a person receiving disability benefits from Social Security.

The program provides accurate information to beneficiaries with disabilities and transition-to-work aged youth while dispelling the myths about working. 

Disability benefits counselors will:

  • Analyze how work and earnings may impact SSI, SSDI, healthcare, and other public benefits.
  • Explain the services offered by North Carolina Vocational Rehabilitation (NCVR) or other agencies and how they might help the individual.
  • Provide proactive follow-up services to ensure that work incentives are properly applied and resolve benefit-related problems
  • Offer long-term work incentives management on a scheduled, continuous basis to support employment efforts

For more information, please contact Laura Sturgis at The Arc of High Point 336-688-7089

Fee Schedule

Household IncomeScholarship PercentageBase Fee Per HourFee Per HourRetainer HoursFee Collected Upon Contract SigningMaximum Hours of Allotted Time at Scholarship RateAfter Allotted of Hours - Fee per Hour Increases ToMaximum Hours of Allotted Time at Increased RateAfter Allotted Hours - Fee per Hour Increase ToMaximum Hours of Allotted Time at 2nd Increased Rate
Under 30K100%$70.00$0.005$0.005 Hours$24.5010 Hours$46.2025 Hours
30,000 - 39,99975%$70.00$17.506$105.0010 Hours$35.0015 Hours$70.00Unlimited
40,000 -49,99965%$70.00$24.506$147.0010 Hours$46.2025 Hours$70.00Unlimited
50,000 -59,99950%$70.00$35.006$210.0010 Hours$70.00Unlimited
60,000 -69,99934%$70.00$46.206$277.2010 Hours$70.00Unlimited
Over 70,0000%$70.00$70.006$420.00Unlimited$70.00Unlimited
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